‘Salam Mesra’ from Borneo Cilipadi Tours Sdn. Bhd. A Warm cilipadi welcome to the wonderful world of the mangrove forest. Our company name ‘cilipadi’ simply means ‘birds eye chilies.’ Birds eye chili is a chili pepper commonly found in Borneo and widely used in traditional Malaysian dishes. These chilies are very small, spicy and delicious as well as highly addictive.

Borneo Cilipadi Tours Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2013 by three dynamic individuals with a main goal of developing the village of Tamau for eco-tourism purposes and in the long run establishing it as a world wide destination and promoting environmental conservation.

Up until recently, it was discovered that this quant little village located 100 km North West of Kota Kinabalu City housed one of the worlds most endearing primates, the Proboscis Monkey. These monkeys travel in a group of 20 – 30 gathering together during the day in search of their favourite fruits and leaves amidst the mangrove forest. Numbers are dwindling for these dear monkeys and Borneo Cilipadi Tours offers a chance for visitors from all around the world to catch a glimpse of the proboscis monkeys and enjoy the beauty of their habitat. By educating guests throughout the tour, we hope to create a sense of awareness on the plight of the Proboscis, their need for survival and the threats they face.

Borneo Cilipadi Tours completes your mangrove experience with breath-taking Borneo sunsets, home cooked grilled Malaysian cuisine served by our friendly local staff and a magical display of fireflies at Nanamun Village located some 20 minutes away from our restaurant. We welcome you with open hearts and look forward to share with you sweet memories that you will cherish after your visit with us. Cilipadi greetings!